Wine Ball

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At first sight, you do not immediately think of a corkscrew when you look at this rounded wine ball – and the unique design embodies much more than that, too. The round ball houses a corkscrew, winestopper, bottle opener and foil cutter. The wine ball was designed by Eva Harlou, an acclaimed architect, and the rounded shape offers a unique, playful twist on minimalist styling. Its dynamic design and unique shape make it interesting and attractive to leave lying around, and it fits in with the styling of any home. The wine ball is an ideal gift for the wine connoisseur, as the finishing touch to the ultimate well-stocked wine toolbox.

Series: Grand Cru
Color: Black & Steel
Material: Corkscrew, bottle opener, bottle stopper and foil cutter. 
Width: 3.1"
Height: 3.1"
Please note: Not dishwasher-safe