Teema cup 0,22 l teacup 7.5oz

by Iittala
Teema cup 0,22 l

Kaj Franck

The versatile Teema collection provides endless combinations that are functional, durable and refined. Combine with the Teema 15 cm plate.

Designed by one of Iittala’s most iconic design heroes, Kaj Franck, each piece in the vast Teema collection is derived from three simple forms: circle, square and rectangle. Safe for use in the oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave.

The multifunctional serving set is a practical fulfil of the Teema dishes series by Kaj Franck and Iittala. It leans on the basic shapes circle, triangle and square, which also characterize the Teema dish series. The mini serving set is ideal to serve and prepare finger food such as olives, tapas, butter, marmalade or herbs but also to deposit teabags and food rests. Each Teema serving set consists of three pieces: one circle shaped, a triangle formed and a square serving bowl. The round bowl is based on Kaj Franck’s original design for cup coasters of the Teema coffee cups. The triangle and square bowls are new designs from Heikki Orvola and based on the ancient designs by Franck. The Mini serving sets consist of porcelain just as the Teema dishes and are oven proof. Every bowl of the Teema serving set is now also available as single pieces.