Stelton Theo "Slow brew" coffee brewer

by Stelton

Stelton Theo Coffee Maker DESIGNER: Francis Cayouette The award-winning Theo range has launched a coffee maker for all ”slow brew” filter coffee fans. With its beautiful contrasts, the Theo range has been designed to stimulate the senses. Made in matt black stoneware with a shiny glaze the Theo coffee maker is both rustic and elegant. The filter funnel only has three holes at the bottom, so the run-through time is naturally reduced. Enjoy a delicious, aromatic coffee every time with the Theo coffee maker. The Theo coffee maker holds 0.6 L, perfect for 1–2 people. The Theo coffee maker comes with a bamboo lid to keep warm. The coffee pot comes with a collar of heat insulating silicone, which provides a good grip and avoids burnt fingers. Take your time and enjoy a slow brew.

MATERIALS: Stoneware, Bamboo, Silicone


Height (pot): 18.5 cm/ 7.28 Inch

Height (filter): 8.5 cm / 3.34 Inch

Width (pot): 11 cm / 4.33 Inch

Width (filter): 14 cm / 5.51 Inch

Capacity: 600 ml / 20.2 oz.

HELPFUL NOTES: Rustic and elegant coffee maker With heat insulating silicone, to ensure a good grip Uses a standard 1 x 4 coffee filter (not included) Attractive, matt black stoneware coffee maker Ashiny glaze and bamboo lid