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Premium Schnapps Glass, 2 pcs.



Product Details

Enjoy a schnapps to accompany some herring with this Rosendahl Premium schnapps glass. The schnapps glass is designed by glassware designer Tom Nybroe, with the focus on a unique aromatic experience and a classic design. The rounded shape ensures that the schnapps aroma remains in the glass, giving you the best possible aromatic experience. With its balanced shape, the glass is easy to hold in your hand, ensuring that the schnapps really comes into its own. This classic schnapps glass looks great in any table setting, for any occasion. The glass is made of lead-free glass, ensuring unique durability and clarity. The schnapps glass is sold in packs of 2.

Series: Premium
Color: Clear
Quantity: 2 Pieces
Material: Lead-free Glass
Diameter: 1.8"
Height: 4.9"
Volume: 1.69 oz
Please note: Dishwasher-safe up to 130°F

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