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219 Queen St East, Toronto ON


219 Queen St East, Toronto ON

Palet Storage Jar, Green, 0.75 Qt.


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The mouth-blown Palet Storage Jar can be used in countless ways in the home, and creates a beautiful and colourful effect wherever you place it. This one is produced in green with an oak lid and serves as a neat way to store keys, knick-knacks, jewellery, plants - or for salt, sugar, tea and coffee, or as an innovative way to serve a starter. Michael Bang was the original creator of the colourful series, which has now returned to Holmegaard's range, and which fits right in with today's popular retro trends. The jars are available in five sizes and colours, all with beautiful oak lids. A brilliant gift idea for those who appreciate high-quality design with a story to tell.

Series: Palet
Color: Green
Diameter: 3.8" x 5.7"H
Volume: 0.75 Quarts