Old English Solitaire Vase 11.8"


The Old English Solitaire vase created by Claus Dalby in collaboration with Holmegaard has been created to hold just a few flowers or a single bloom. The vase is an addition to the Old English range, created with the specific intention of combining the old-school and the modern look with a view to accentuating the flowers in the most beautiful way. The Solitaire vase has a narrow, long neck and a generously-proportioned bowl, allowing plenty of space for a single magnolia twig or a large single bloom. The vase, made of hand-blown transparent glass, is available in three sizes; at 30 cm, this is the largest one.

Series: Old English
Color: Clear
Material: Mouth-blown glass
Height: 11.8"
Note: Not dish-washer safe