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219 Queen St East, Toronto ON


219 Queen St East, Toronto ON

Moomin Arabia / iittala mug 300ml / 10oz Hattifatteners

by Iittala

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Moomin mug

Vitro porcelain

All Arabia Moomin mugs - find your favourite! All sorts of exciting things happen around Moominvalley all the time. In addition to the Moomins, the valley is inhabited by mymbles, hemulens, fillyjonks and all kinds of small toffles and whompers. The outside world consist of dangers, adventures, even catastrophes as well as enjoyable friendly outings and juice parties. The doors of Moominhouse are always open to Moomins returning home or to wandering vagabonds and other guests. Welcome to the colourful world of the Moomins!

Tove Slotte

Arabia’s Moomins are turned from stories to ceramic illustrations by designer Tove Slotte. She has been drawing Moomins onto Arabia items since the beginning of the 1990s. The designer draws inspiration from Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, which she adapts to ceramic shapes. The Moomins have always been close to Tove Slotte’s heart. She articulated the significance of the Moomins nicely when she said: I think everyone should enjoy a little dose of Moomin philosophy every day.