Grand Cru Quiche Dish


The beautiful Grand Cru quiche dish sports a new graphical design within this popular Rosendahl range. The extra-tall sides of this stylish quiche dish give you more room for manoeuvre and space for culinary experimentation with the topping on the traditional quiche; they also give you space to play with meringues for your baking. The graphical quiche dish was created to facilitate the process in between cooking and serving and can also readily be used for serving salads and other foodstuffs. With its decorative styling, you can easily take the quiche dish direct from the oven for serving at the dining table. A great gift idea as a personal hostess gift complete with your favourite quiche!

Series: Grand Cru
Color: White
Material: Ovenproof Porcelain
Dimensions: 11.0 x 1.8 inches
Please note: Dishwasher-safe at temperatures up to 130°F