Friends Salt & Pepper Set by Normann Copenhagen



The pair of salt & pepper shakers - which has been nicknamed Gordon & Andreas - stands out as having personality, humor and character. The design plays on the double meaning of the Danish word "bosse" (which means both ˜shaker" and ˜gay"), and the two friends come with and without a painted leather vest, signifying either the salt or the pepper shaker 

The Friends salt & pepper shakers are fun, friendly and eye-catching interpretations of a well-known everyday object. And one cannot help but smile when the two Friends appear on the table.

HuskMitNavn vs. Troels Oder Hansen explain about the Friends Salt & Pepper: The Friends are based on the principle that it's more fun when it's funny. The salt and pepper shakers reflect this, exemplifying that everyday objects need not be dull."

Material: Porcelain
Size & weight: Diameter: 7 cm
Height: 11 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg
Dishwasher safe.