Fiberglass bullet planter Short 16" tall


The Retro Bullet Planter™ is a stylish addition to any space. Use it for plants, as an ice bucket, or to hold odds and ends. Our planter is an authentic reproduction of the vintage originals, in shape, size, and the distinctive texture of molded fiberglass. Bowls measure 15.75 inches across the top. Planters will tolerate covered outdoor conditions. 

 Short 16" tall

Medium 23" tall

Tall 30" tall


The Retro Bullet Planter

Q: How will plants drain?
A: This material is watertight, so without a hole drilled in the bottom, the planters will not drain. We will drill a hole for you upon request. Just note your request in the comments section of the order form. Some prefer to place an already potted plant within the planter so plants can more easily be moved around or switched out. To create a more finished "ground," use florist's moss to camouflage the inner pot. With cacti and some succulents, which can be watered sparingly, you can pot directly in the planter without a drain hole, making sure to use gravel or sand about halfway to the top, followed by cactus soil.

Q: Can I use my planter outdoors?
A: Yes, but we recommend it for covered outdoor use. Fiberglass is extremely durable and water-resistant (boats are made out of it), but after years of exposure, some of the resin will erode and the color may fade. Powder coated stands may show minor rust over several years of use.

Q: What if my planter is scuffed and doesn't come clean with soap and water?
A: If your planter becomes scuffed or scratched, try a degreasing cleaner like Simple Green. It won't harm the finish and works well for removing marks from fiberglass.  If the mark still doesn't come off, acetone should remove it.

Q: Do these look like the vintage bullet planters?
A: We think so, and we're pretty serious vintage collectors ourselves! The most significant difference is that our planters are in new condition and have not faded or deteriorated with years of use.