Essence white wine 33cl boxed set ( 2pc or 4pc ) 11.25oz

by Iittala
Essence white wine 33cl box set 2pc or 4pc

Alfredo Häberli

World famous product designer Alfredo Häberli created the Essence collection to maximize versatility, simplicity and functionality in drinkware. Essence glasses share identical bases and stems while each bowl is uniquely crafted to optimize appreciation of the beverage. The result is modern, minimal Finnish glassware with edgy character which is ranked amongst the most highly acclaimed drinkware in the world. The 2 pc Essence universal glass set is epitomizes versatility with its contemporary silhouette making it perfect for serving a vast assortment of drinks including smoothies, sodas, juices and beers at any table setting. Combines with any Essence glassware or other Iittala drinkware. A perfect gift.