Artek Aalto Wall Shelf 112

by Artek
Wall Shelf 112

Designer: Alvar Aalto

Year: 1936

 Wall Shelf 112 employs lamella loops as brackets to support a substantial birch veneer panel. The particular lamella loops used in the creation of Wall Shelf 112 require the strength of two people to bend them into shape and come with a single seam. The brackets can be placed both below and above the panel, in which case they also serve as bookends. Elegant and practical, this wall shelf displays designer Alvar Aalto’s affinity with natural materials.


 We only have one of each shelf available. No longer available to order.

112A  birch 35.5" x 14.25". $786.50

112B birch 35.5" x 9.75". $693.50