Scents of Copenhagen candle Copenhagen 5oz


Osterbro - Mangosteen and Tangerine

Vesterbro - Lemon Verbena

Norrebro - Santal Rosewood

Kastellet - Pine, Birch,& Beechwood

Nyhavn - Tabacco & Vanilla


COPENHAGEN Imagine biking in your favorite neighbourhood of Copenhagen fused with fresh yet intricate scents captured in a reusable glass jar with a light wood lid.

OSTERBRO Sparkling Tangerine and juicy Mangosteen are married beautifully with delicate floral petals of Jasmine and Peony Top Note: Tangerine, Mango Medium Note: Strawberry Leaves, Peony Base Note: Pink Jasmine, Palm Frond

VESTERBRO An invigorating harmony of eucalyptus and lemongrass, complimented by fresh herbal accents of thyme leaf and coriander Top Note: Eucalyptus and Lemon grass. Medium Note: Herbs and Thyme leaf. Base Note: Coriander

NORREBRO Crisp notes of Valencia Orange are wrapped by the warmth of liquid amber, luxurious rosewood and the sophistication of santal Top Note: Valencia Orange, Bergamot, Lime. Medium Note: Amber, Musk. Base Note: Rosewood, Santal

KASTELLET Bracing notes of Pine & Fir Balsam are blended with smooth Beech & Birch Woods to balance your spirit Top Note: Pine, Orange, Lime Medium Note: Fir needle, Beechwood Base Note: Cedarwood, Fir balsam, White Musk

NYHAVN Ginger and crushed clove amid smooth sandalwood, woodland mosses, powdery tonka and a touch of warm vanilla bean Top Note: Green, Tobacco Leaf, Herbal Mid. Medium Note: Tobacco Flower, Wood, Moss, Spice. Base Note: Tonka, Vanilla, Wood Smoke

Natural soy wax, 100% Cotton wick

141 gram, 30 hours

212 gram, 45 hours