Old English Flower Bowl, 5.1"


The elegant Old English flower bowl is the creation of floral artist Claus Dalby, working with Holmegaard. The flower bowl is an addition to the Old English range, combining Scandinavian garden-furniture minimalism with the pleasant English tradition of sumptuous flower beds. The range works well with either individual blooms or more extravagant floral creations. The flower bowl is made of clear, mouth-blown glass and looks great with short-stemmed flower heads. Imagination is the only limit when you bring your garden flowers indoors in full bloom! The bowl is great for decorations, fruit, fairy cakes or Easter eggs, too. Give it with flowers as a personalised gift to a loved one, for example on Mother’s Day.

Series: Old English
Color: Glass
Material: Mouth blown glass.
Diameter: 5.1"
Note: Not dishwasher safe.