New English Bone China Inkhead Skull tea cup



For centuries, the tattoo has served to shock, inspire and to feed our imagination in equal measure. It is an artform, which has crossed every boundary of culture, sex, gender and geography and is today less marginalised than ever before. Inkhead reflects society’s changing relationship with the tattoo and presents a range of ceramics which encapsulate its detail, colour vibrancy and symbolism. Each piece features a delicate gold tooth, and each piece in the range is designed to be a focal point in its own right.  All are hand gilded and burnished in 22kt gold and are proudly made in Stoke on Trent.

The magnificent Inkhead range is designed by Florian Hutter for The New English and features an incredibly intense rose skull tattoo. The illustrations are applied using a multi-layer, multi screen printing process for extraordinary tonal depth, creating an image that is rich with detail and redolent with meaning.

Designed by Florian Hutter, Finest English Bone China, Made in Stoke on Trent, England. Hand-finished in 22 karat Gold. Can be used every day but washing by hand is recommended to help prevent hand painted 22kt gold detail fading over time.