iittala Taika Pitcher

by Iittala

Taika Pitcher

Designer: Klaus Haapaniemi and Heikki Orvola (2007)
Manufacturer: Iittala
Dimensions: 4.5" H x 6" W x 3" D . Capacity 17 oz.


Klaus Haapaniemi's new Taika collection for iittala merges folklore and architecture to create a modern world of ceramic dinnerware. Produced in two color schemes, Haapaniemi unveils a world of mythical creatures, animal hybrids with some human features, living within a floral and fauna based forest. This Taika plate was hand crafted by applying silk screen print design to basic white porcelain before being glazed and fired. Modern style comes to life in this dinnerware collection, maintaining iittala's ability to mix and match pieces while adding a touch of magic to your home and everyday life.


  • Vitro Porcelain