Quendelon's captivating color may be the first feature that catches your eye; a transparent yet vivid blue, it is reminiscent of a clear sky. But also take note of the handcrafted detailing that extends from the nape of the neck to the tip of the tail, starting out as sharp feathers but gradually becoming windswept strokes. Pause to admire the long sculpted beak, which has been mouth-blown from opalescent glass. It is this careful craftsmanship by the master blowers at iittala's works combined with the imaginative design of Professor Oiva Toikka that gives the iittala glass birds their unmatched beauty and collectability. The birds of Oiva Toikka's 2015 collection are individually mouth-blown by the master glassblowers at iittala™s glassworks in Finland. Each handcrafted iittala Toikka Quendelon carries the signature Toikka IITTALA on its base to ensure authenticity.