Humle Stout (1 Pcs)


The Stout glass from the Humle series is short and stocky, with a large surface area and a bowl that retains the bouquet. This glass is well-suited to the heaviest of beer types with a high alcohol percentage. The mouth-blown Humle series has been created for Holmegaard by designer and beer enthusiast Torben Jørgensen. The series focuses on beer brewing as a craft and recognizes the different types of beers' individual needs for optimal serving. A good, personal gift idea for beer connoisseurs and those who enjoy a good beer accompanied by special design.

Series: Humle
Color: Clear
Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: Glass
Height: 5.1"
Volume: 16.2 fl. oz
Please note: Dishwasher-safe up to 130°F