Hoptimist Bimble and Bumble Christmas


We have many styles of Hoptimists in store  (Four sizes and many colours)

Seasonal models in stock include

Santa, reindeer, snow man, snow woman frogs, frog prince and princess, chicks, ducks, sheep, rabbits, IQ, angles, bride and groom.

Also metallic finishes and oak (natural, smoked or black)

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It all started with a bird, then a girl, a boy and a frog. In 1968, Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich (1917-1984) started the production of Hoptimists. Ehrenreich initially designed the famous Birdies, but by 1969 the girl Bimble, the boy Bumble and the frog Kvak were born.

Since then, more figures have been added to the family, and today Bimble, Bumble, Birdie and Kvak represent the classics that started it all. Back then, the colours were red, yellow, orange and green, but today the happiness-inducing designs come in a wealth of colours. Bimble is recognisable by her smiling eyes, while Bumble’s eyes are attentive and inquisitive.

In 1968, Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich (1917-1984) started the production of Hoptimists. Ehrenreich began with the famous Birdies, but by 1969 Kvak and the classic Bimble and Bumble figures were born. 

The cute figures and the happiness-inducing design quickly spread throughout Denmark and far beyond. At home in Denmark and abroad, Ehrenreich received many honours, and today Hoptimists are part of the extensive Danish Design family – from Kay Bojensen’s monkey to the PH lamp.

In 2009, the famous figures were relaunched by the company Hoptimist. It was the belief in the infectious joy of the Hoptimists that prompted the company to dust off the classic figures and show them to the world again. 

Hoptimist has further developed the famous figures in new materials and given them new expressions, but the design and spirit of Ehrenreich have been maintained. So the joy lives on in these sweet figures – see for yourself, Feel the joy!

The Hoptimists in copper have a special ability to reflect the room they are in. The copper gives each Hoptimist an exclusive look that will brighten up your desk, windowsill or the room you put it in.

And that’s not all. The Hoptimist in copper reflects your reaction when you give it a little push. We like to say that it counts your smiles. See for yourself – most people raise a smile when the Hoptimist begins to hop.