Grand Cru Flower Pot, White, 6.3"


Use green plants as decorations on your window sill with these superb Grand Cru Flowerpots by Rosendahl. In all their simplicity, these beautiful Flowerpots will fit in with any home interior, allowing your plants, flowers and fresh herbs to get the attention they deserve. The Grand Cru Flowerpots match both the soft and the classic ranges and are available in either grey or white. There are two versions of the pots: this large one 6.3" and a slightly smaller one 5.5". They are made of stoneware with a matt glaze on the outside and a glossy glaze on the inside and on the edge of the pot. A great gift idea for all sorts of occasions – or a special treat for yourself!

Series: Grand Cru
Color: White
Material: Stoneware
Diameter: 6.3"
Height: 5.3"
Note: Dishwasher safe, max. 130°F