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219 Queen St East, Toronto ON


219 Queen St East, Toronto ON

Fornasetti inscense boxes

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Fornasetti Profumi - Bacio Incense Box

Wooden incense box with decorated ceramic lid / burning receptacle

Design - Bacio

One Scent - Otto created by master perfumer Olivier Polge

TOP: Thyme / Lavender HEART: Orris / Cedarwood BASE: Tolu Balsam / Incense / Birch/Styrax / Labdanum

Contains 80 Incense Sticks

All incense products have been created by renowned Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo. Nippon Kodo's devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honoured tradition that started more than 430 years ago. This know-how can be traced back to highly skilled artisans in the art that were the principal providers of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Japanese Court.