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Danese Milano - Sedici Animali Puzzle Enzo Mari



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Danese Milano - Sedici Animali Puzzle Enzo Mari

Jigsaw puzzle animals - oak wood - screen printed wood box. This original creation by Enzo Mari underlines a double function: it is a puzzle object and also a "construction game" that allows a free composition of elements.
Made of precious wood and contained in a sophisticated box, again made of wood, 16 ANIMALI can be considered a small art sculpture for your home, the elements can be used both individually and in multiple compositions. Here are 16 animals, all recognizable on sight.
They fit into one another jig-saw-fashion and can olso be stood upright because the vertical position is balanced by the thickness of the material they are made of. Games of increasing complexity can be played with them. There are no given rules because the complex of formal and symbolic relationships that characterizes the animals stimulates the relating aptitude proper to the child's stage of development.

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