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Arabia Finland 100 special edition mugs .3l



Product Details

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, Arabia launched a collection of limited edition mugs that feature a decorative pattern from each of the ten decades. Nine motifs from Arabia’s archives were chosen based on popular vote, redrawn and printed on the mugs. The tenth pattern, representing the 2000’s, is Heini Riitahuhta’s new Huvila motif. The collection is available only in 2017, and the mugs have a special centennial stamp on their base.

Arabia’s Pastoraali mug is adorned with the organic pattern Esteri Tomula designed in 1965. Pastoraali, featuring human characters among flora, was given a deep shade of blue since the new silk screen-printing technique allowed the use of bright colours.

Arabia’s Esteri mug features a beautiful floral motif, designed by Esteri Tomula in honour of the factory’s centenary in 1973. Named after its designer, Esteri adorned tableware both in blue and brown.

Arabia’s Timbua mug is adorned with the monochrome motif designed by American artist and designer Howard Smith in 1987. Smith drew his inspiration for the graphic pattern from ancient hieroglyphs.

Arabia’s Hattara mug is adorned with ceramic artist Raija Uosikkinen’s delightful motif from 1954 that was awarded with a gold metal in Sacramento in 1961. Hattara was one of the patterns Uosikkinen designed for Kaj Franck’s B tableware collection in the early 1950’s.


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