Swedish Dishclothes

Swedish dishcloths or gift set dishcloth and tea towel. Add luxury to every day! It's a simple thing really, but it makes a big difference. By adding exceptional quality and modern design to the little things you use everyday, even chores will seem to be more fun.

Life is messy; clean it up with top quality dishcloths, super-soft 100% cotton tea towels and luxurious linen tea towels. While we can't do the chores for you, we can make clelaning up a lot more fun with colourful, superior-quality accessoires. Even doing the dishes can be a pleasure with these fun, functional and eco-friendly sponge dishcloths. They are extremely absorbent, washable (in 60º C) and made from cellulose and cotton so they are biodegradable, too! Designed and hand printed in Sweden/England